Yamal’s father: “I knew my son would be a star, ever since he was born”

The consecration of a star? Perhaps it is still too early, given his age, but certainly Yamal sheets in this Euro 2024 he is stealing everyone’s attention. The innate qualities of the 16-year-old champion of Barcelona and Spain, however, do not particularly surprise his father, Mounir Nasraouiwho declared to the microphones of SPORT.es of knowing that her son “would be a star” from the moment he was born.

The first admissions. “I knew about my son when he was born, I knew he would become a star. Anyone who is a father knows this and every father wants his son to be the best”, said Yamal’s father directly from the Rocafonda neighborhood, in Mataró (Barcelona). The young talent of the Red Furies he is “elated” about his move to the national team in the final: “He wants to be the youngest player to win a European Championship, like every child,” he added.

The father’s blessing is thereindeed, given the words released by Nasraoui on the success of his son who lives “with happiness and joy”, while for Luis de la Fuente’s team he is “proud of all the players”. “I hope they win the European Championship and that we are all champions”, he declared. Then a final curiosity about the celebration for Yamal’s goal, when draw a “304” with your fingers. The last digits of the Rocafonda postal code: “This neighborhood is the best in the world and in Spain, because we are all the same and we love each other equally. Olé Rocafonda 304, a point of reference for everyone”, he concludes.