Van der Vaart unrestrained: “England are a sh*t team, they didn’t want to do anything anymore”

Holland is out of the European Championships, just a stone’s throw from the final in Berlin with Spain. But England got in the way and Watkins’s leg-cutting goal in the photo finish for 2-1. And yet there are those who have not particularly digested the refereeing of last night’s match in Dortmund and not even the outcome. Let’s talk about Raphael Van der Vaartformer Dutch attacking midfielder for Real Madrid and Tottenham – among others -, now a commentator for the Dutch television channel NOS. Not forgetting the controversial penalty awarded to Harry Kane for a foul committed by Dumfries in the 16th minute.

The board to the Three Lions and the race director. “They (England, ed.) are a sh*t team. Little by little, they didn’t want to do anything anymore and they have very good players on the pitch. We (the Netherlands, ed.) didn’t do much either. We had a few chances. We could have done a lot more,” said Van der Vaart after the final whistle. No filter even for Felix Zwayer, referee on the pitch yesterday to conduct the semi-final: “Both Zwayer and Bastian Dankert, who is responsible for VAR, should be blacklisted. It was terrible,” he added. Pierre van HooijdonkVan der Vaart’s companion during the television broadcast.