Udinese, Nani very clear: “We are not considering a sale of Lucca”

Gianluca Nanitechnical director of theUdinesegave a long interview to Sports Radiospeaking about the choice of Kosta Runjaic for the Friuli bench: “We wanted a coach who played a different game, he responds to our desires: possession game, control of the game, very proactive and aggressive. We scout not only the players, but also the coaches, so we follow the teams that propose new and interesting football. In the end we thought of creating an element of discontinuity by undertaking a new type of path. We are happy with the work he is doing, we have to give him time and build a team that is up to the task, and then support him during the work and in the negative moments. We hope it will be a surprise for you too”.

What can you tell us about the outgoing market?
“Pereyra preferred to take other paths, for us he was and will always be an important player, but in the end we took different paths. The same goes for Walace, it seemed right to go in another direction. There will be other departures, there will be other arrivals in what will be a construction market. The market has just begun, we have our objectives, we hope to reach them quickly”.

Bijol is being watched by important clubs.
“I would be surprised if he wasn’t appreciated by Inter and other important teams. Until he was eliminated he proved to be the best defender in the European Championship. He is complete, a defensive leader, I don’t see any serious lapses, mistakes happen to everyone. He has attracted the attention of many clubs, especially in the Premier League. He is important to us and we would like to keep him, but we have to be ready. If an offer were to arrive we will discuss it”.

Will Lucca remain?
“Lucca certainly has room for growth, we are banking on it a lot. We bought him to keep him, we want him to grow with us. We are not considering anything because we want him to continue his growth path with us. We are not considering a sale”.

Will the top players stay?
“No one is on the market, not even Perez, Bijol, Okoye and Samardzic. Lucca was just bought 20 days ago and we didn’t buy him back to offer him, but this also applies to other players who have been with us for a longer time. It is not in our plans to evaluate a sale of our players, especially a striker bought 20 days ago and who still has a lot of room for growth”.