“The first one who moves is gay”. Ibrahimovic’s gaffe in the video with Speed, Milan downplays

Rain of criticism for Zlatan Ibrahimovic after the video with the youtuber IShowSpeed. The streamer was the protagonist of a marketing initiative together with the Swede to be able to entertain the younger audience. The two made a video, rather long, where Speed ​​in the Milan Store pretends to sign a contract as the new coach of the Rossoneri and the manager of the Devil labels him as the Mister X of the market. Later they also try to do some passes and some attempts at dribbling of the YouTuber, promptly sedated by the former striker.

The problem arises when the two find themselves in the car and IShowSpeed, speaking to Ibrahimovic, says the phrase: “The first one who moves is gay”. Almost 3 minutes pass in which both remain still, then it is the streamer who breaks the silence. The intentions were to make a joke, but the game was defined by many as stupid and in bad taste. The current director of Milan has made it known that he was not aware of the initiative, as reported by Corriere della Seraand to have been unexpectedly involved by IShowSpeed ​​in the matter.

Through theHANDLEfurthermore, the club has clarified that there is no reference to homophobic attitudes in the social video of Zlatan Ibrahimovic together with the streamer IShowSpeed: “Sources close to Milan downplay the scene, also because the Rossoneri club, which did not directly supervise the making of the video, has always taken a stand against homophobia with concrete commitments and projects”.