Spezia pressuring Inter to get Esposito jr. Waiting for the green light from Platek

The adventure at Spezia of Francis Pius Esposito could be extended for another season despite the young striker having been in the sights of other clubs for some time, among which Sampdoria seems to be the most dangerous for the plans of the Eaglets .

As reported by The nation the Platek family’s club is said to be pushing hard on Inter to have the 2005-born player back on loan, after 38 appearances and three goals in the last season, also leveraging the desire of the youngest Espositos to spend another year on the Gulf of Poets to grow and mature further in an environment he knows and with a coach who appreciates him.

Between Spezia and Inter the agreement would be one step away even if the last piece is missing, that is the green light from Platek since the resources to close the operation, and anticipate the competition, are minimal given the desire of the company to recover the excessive expenses of recent years and launch a healthier management of finances, starting from the lowering of the wage bill. However, if this operation were to go through, the Ligurians would loosen their grip on the Cittadella striker Philip Pittarello which is on stand-by at the moment.