Sorrento, Cappiello: “Barilari is necessary to transfer new inputs to the group”

Following the press release with which the Sorrento he entrusted the first team bench to Enrico Barilarihere are some words from the president of the Campania club Joseph Cappiello:

“We are starting from solid foundations but with a renewed spirit – it reads -. After having achieved a deserved salvation last year, we know that we have ahead of us the most difficult championship, that of confirmation. Having to play another year away from home, moreover, increases the pitfalls exponentially because now we know how much physical and mental effort there is to make having to play 38 games “away” again. For this reason we have decided to keep our philosophy intact, based on young people of value and elements of experience that act as a driving force as well as support. The objective that we set ourselves is one and only one, that is to confirm ourselves in the category while hoping at the same time to continue to amaze. In this sense, the arrival of mister Barilari will also serve to transfer new input to the group as well as to grow the young people who will wear the red and black jersey. Some grafts will be made official shortly and as always we will set up a team eager to make a good impression, whose roster is also full of valuable elements.

I believe – concludes Cappiello – that this management deserves trust because over the years it has combined sporting results with economic ones, providing fertile ground for all those who have passed through Sorrento to express themselves at their best”.