Real Madrid Without Zidane After 23 Years: Theo Is a New Cordoba Player


A Real Madrid without Zidane. After 23 years, the legendary surname will no longer be present in Spanish society: the departure of Theo, one of the four children of Zinedineclosed a real era. Zinedine, Enzo, Luca, Theo and Elyaz: the dynasty is
it is interrupted and there will no longer be a “physical” trace of a Zidane in the most successful club in the world.

The first to arrive, in July 2001, was obviously Dad. ZizouThe French star became the second Galactic of Florentino Pérez, who had signed Luis Figo the previous year, and left an indelible mark on the five years he spent in Madrid as a footballer. In 2004, Zinedine’s first two sons, Enzo (midfielder) and Luca (goalkeeper), joined the youth team of Whites; the former Juventus player retired in 2006 but the two boys decided to stay, climbing the ladder until their debut in the first team.

In 2010, a year after Zidane senior returned, Theo also arrived and joined La Fábrica; shortly after, this honor fell to Elyaz. The first to pack his bags was Enzo, who moved to Alavés in 2017 after making his mark in the youth teams (78 games with Castilla) and making his debut with the first team. In the summer of 2019, it was Luca Zidane’s turn to leave Real Madrid.

In 2021, when Zinedine said goodbye to Real Madrid after winning everything (in two different stages), only Theo (midfielder) and Elyaz (defender) remained. The latter decided to sign for Betis in the last winter market, Theo has now moved to Cordoba as a free agent.