Pineto, Schirone: “We will try to do better than last year and reach the playoffs”

TMW Radio

Luke Schironemidfielder born in 2003 Pine forestspoke live on the microphones of TmwRadioduring the broadcast ‘A Tutta C’. These are his words.

How is the recovery going from a physical point of view?
“I’m still training alone, now we’re running and it’s hot, but I’m fine. I haven’t had the chance to meet Mister Cudini yet, since the season starts on July 15th.”

How do you experience football in a reality like Pineto?
“It’s a small reality, that can still grow over the years. It’s the ideal place for the start of a young footballer’s career.”

Is there a player you look up to?
“A player who inspires me a lot is Sandro Tonali, even though he is currently going through a difficult time.”

Yours will be a group with big teams, but they have many questions. What do you think?
“When the composition of the group came out I immediately thought it was a very difficult group. I know nothing about the questions of the various teams, I only know that from August 11th we will start with Pescara in the Italian Cup and it will not be easy”.

Among the teams in Group B there will also be Milan Futuro, with a very ambitious project.
“They also have an interesting project, with good guys, I played against them in the past in the Primavera. I have never faced Camarda, but he is certainly a very interesting and very strong prospect. It is no coincidence that he made his debut in Serie A.
For U23 teams in general I think they are an interesting idea. The guys who are not ready for Serie A can stay in the club, but gain experience in Serie C”.

You played in Cremona, where Della Rovere, who recently joined Bayern, exploded this year. Did you get to know him?
“I’ve heard good things about him, so much so that he made his debut in Serie B and had a great season in the Primavera. I don’t know him personally but if Bayern took him there must be a reason.”

How do you see the development of Serie C in general?
“For young people, those in Serie C are the right path, because they allow them to play professionally, with the possibility of facing players who have played in Serie B or Serie A. Figures like that can teach a lot”.

Where could Pineto project itself for next year?
“We will try to do better than last year, so we can try to carve out a spot in the playoffs, although everything will be seen during the season.”