Pavoletti: “Nicola and Ranieri have several things in common. This is how we saved ourselves”

Speaking at a press conference from the Cagliari training camp, the experienced striker Leonardo Pavoletti he also spoke about the new coach Davide Nicola. These are his statements: “We have fought against him for a few years, now we will do it together. His impact has been positive, he is studying us and is opening up a little. He follows in Ranieri’s footsteps, he is a romantic”.

What happened in the locker room last year?
“The environment has come together and many details have led us to safety, all combined with Ranieri’s mastery. Today some things have changed, we will have to be good at exploiting every person who has arrived here. For our part, we senators will also have to be good at helping them”.

Are there any points in common between Nicola and Ranieri?
“They both focus on giving players opportunities. They both try to get the best out of everyone, they don’t focus on the individual. They work with everyone. Obviously they both have their own way of doing things.”

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