Naples, tomorrow Buongiorno’s medical visits at Villa Stuart. Then appointment at Castel di Sangro

Finally Good Morning: the Naples is ready to welcome the big reinforcement for his defense under the conditions that have been talked about for days. 35 million plus 5 in bonuses for his contract and the player a five-year contract of 2.5 million basic with a 70 million termination clause valid from the third year (to follow).

As revealed by the Sports Courier today on newsstands, the exchange of documents was rather long and delicate, as was the chiselling work of the experts called to file down every edge and dissect every footnote related to contractual aspects. On Monday, during the team gathering at the Fila, he stopped by to greet everyone and then stopped with the fans, visibly moved.

Tomorrow the centre-back will undergo medical examinations at Villa Stuart and then will put the various autographs of the case at the bottom of the contracts that he should sign in Filmauro. All roads, for the moment, lead to Rome. Then only holidays and an appointment at the retreat in Castel di Sangro starting from July 25th.