Lazio, Lotito doesn’t give up on Greenwood and relaunches. But he must be the one to say no to OM

The Courier of Sport talks about the negotiations between Lazio and Mason Greenwoodwhich aims to snatch him from De Zerbi’s competition: Marseille has offered 30 million plus 30% of the future resale to United. Lotito, thanks also to the 2.5 million that will arrive from Besiktas for Ciro, has made a small, still undefined, increase in bid.

It would be around 23 million, it can reach 25 confirming 50% of the future resale. Greenwood’s arrival is on the edge. Marseille continued to negotiate with the player yesterday despite the fans’ revolt, perhaps only the striker can make the operation fall through. He must be the one to refuse OM preferring it to Lazio.

Yesterday, sporting director Angelo Fabiani explained the status of the negotiations as follows: “We were already negotiating last year, we are still in contact with Manchester United. There are still disruptive actions but this is part of the transfer market, the devil’s advice is eaten by the fox and I am not a fox. “There is an interchangeability of roles, Noslin explained that he can play both as a winger and as a central striker. I remember one year a team did important things without a striker, Liedholm said enough, they are good. We reasoned in the club during the summit with the president and the coach that there will be many games, we will need some more elements. I would not speak of possible redundancies, but of functionality in an increasingly complicated and difficult season. I was born an optimist”.