Juventus, the rebuilding season begins: the new cycle and Thiago’s attitude

With a piece signed by Antonio Barillà, The print took stock of the new Juventus by Thiago Motta: “The first thought, on the day of the meeting, is that of a cycle that is beginning, too bad that Thiago Motta is the one who chases it away: the coach knows he has to rebuild over time, but he wants a Juve that is immediately competitive. It is the club’s DNA, but it is also his: the successes in the provinces, after all, have built a bridge between the great football experienced in midfield and now found on the bench”.

He continues: “Thiago speaks the language of champions even though he finds himself managing them for the first time, that’s why no one fears backlash and there is full confidence in the transplantation of concepts that are much simpler than they appear: he asks few things of individuals, it is mutual protection and exchanged roles that make the difference. Experts will be cut and young people will have a chance, someone will have to forget the curriculum to adapt, look for that “attitude” key word of the coach to complete every day: attitude to help each other, to contrast, to run…”.

In closing: “The first moves by sporting director Cristiano Giuntoli have rekindled enthusiasm, the feeling is that in compliance with the budget he will set up a more balanced and strong Juventus. The rebirth strategy is his, engineer Elkann wrote it and credit is worth pride and responsibility. A year ago he arrived alone, inheriting a project and with a market suffocated by the obligation to improve the accounts, this time he has his own team, a coach he has chosen, a budget and the freedom to self-finance. We are starting with an open construction site, but with excellent signs: all that is needed is a little patience, because revolutions often require adjustments, but Thiago denies this too. He likes pressure”.