How did Paulo Fonseca’s 9 go? He already had “a Morata”. And it was a triumph

TMW Podcast

Who will be Paulo Fonseca’s centre forward? With Joshua Zirkzee gone, Milan’s management seems oriented towards focusing on Alvaro Morata. But how have the centre forwards of the new Rossoneri coach fared so far? There are goalscorers with avalanches of goals but also disappointments and flops. Let’s take stock in today’s Podcast of, with Marco Conterio.

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The opinion of the great ex Filippo Galli
Philip Galliformer head of the youth sector of the Milanspoke to the microphones of TMW Radioduring the broadcast Maracanato talk about many topics regarding the Rossoneri: “It seems to me that the majority of the fans are against having Paulo Fonseca as coach, but I don’t know if it’s also the fault of a club that hasn’t made the moves that were expected. You see a centre-forward and so on. After Lopetegui, who was distanced by the fans, with Fonseca the club was more decisive. He had his experience here at Roma and it didn’t go badly. He wants to play proactive football and I agree with his ideas. I have all the positive news about him, but we’ll need to have a team that is up to what he proposes”.

Who would you like as the new number 9 for Milan?
“I would prefer Morata to Lukaku. One of the two would have been better, along with Zirkzee. Let’s see, because there are so many names going around. I hope that Fonseca will really be given the chance to work well, giving him a team up to the task. For me, two centre-forwards are needed, not just one”.