Galliani: “This is why I defend the 20-team Serie A”. And on the sale of Monza…

Interviewed by the ‘Gazzetta dello Sport’, the CEO of the MonzaAdriano Galliani he explained why he is against a reduction in the number of teams in Serie A from twenty to eighteen: “People talk about a crowded calendar but the championship has had the same format for twenty years, it’s the European cups that have increased the commitments. I’ll make a prediction: the top ten teams in 2023-2024 will also be in the top ten positions at the end of next season”.

It’s still: “We are among the other 10: once we came first in the right-hand ranking, once second. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t set more ambitious goals, but we also need to be realistic: the 18-team Serie A effectively reduces the group of those fighting for survival from ten to eight. The others, especially those that play in the cups, are also advantaged by the revenue from international TV rights: broadcasters invest in European rights, to the detriment of national rights and therefore of the teams that only play the championship”.

Galliani then spoke about the possible sale of the club: “There are no negotiations for a sale. Theoretically the club could also be sold but to people or groups who will hold the red and white flag high. This is what the Berlusconi family wants, they know that Silvio’s last great sporting joy was the promotion of Monza to Serie A”.