Galliani on Colpani: “I don’t know if he will leave Monza. For now there are no negotiations…”

Adriano Galliani and the Monza to come. The CEO of the Brianza club spoke about it during an interview with the ‘Gazzetta dello Sport’: “We have 30 players, some will leave. And to bring in someone important, someone else must leave first. Numerically we are fine but we will try to understand if there will be the right opportunity to improve our qualities. Colpani? I am not saying that he will move or that he will not move. I have been in the transfer market for 50 years, what does not happen in a month, happens in a minute. I signed Luca Marrone at 8.45pm on the last day of the transfer market and he was decisive with a goal in the playoff final. Izzo arrived at 7.58pm on the last day of negotiations and performed very well. I can say that there are no negotiations underway for Colpani, then I do not know what will happen”.

On Palladino’s farewell: “Disappointed? On the contrary, I’m proud. Of him, as of Carlos Augusto at Inter or Di Gregorio at Juve. Raffaele chose a team that plays in European cups and it was a legitimate decision, I courted him and hoped he would never stay, relations remain very affectionate. He behaved well with us, he could have left a year ago and instead he respected the word given to me and Berlusconi. He didn’t do anything rude to Monza”.

And on the decision to focus on Alessandro Nesta as the new coach: “I have known Nesta for more than ten years, the esteem and affection have had their weight but they have been secondary. The first reason, I repeat, was technical. François Modesto and Michele Franco, references of the technical area, were good, in addition to our match analysts: they offered me very in-depth studies. Choosing at that point was even easier”.