Fiorentina, Gonzalez can be the sacrifice on the market. The Copa America can help

Despite the statements of the sporting director Daniele Pradè in the end-of-season press conference, Nicholas Gonzalez could act as a sacrificial lamb in an attempt to turn Fiorentina’s negotiations around. The most attractive profile par excellence, the most expensive purchase in the history of the Viola, the same one for which last August a very important offer from the Premier League was rejected, recalls the Sports Courier.

On the other hand, it is not a given that a year later – and therefore twelve months closer to the expiration of the contract – another proposal of that caliber will arrive, also because the last season of the former Stuttgart player was not so exciting, moreover in relation to what one would have expected from him. And then there is the problem of frequent injuries, another factor that has led the Tuscan club to reflect on Gonzalez’s future.

In this sense, the Copa America can help Fiorentina to valorize the striker, who with his Argentina is playing a good competition and who has once again attracted the attention of foreign clubs. In four days the final of the competition will be played between Seleccion and Colombia and only after the match will the market for the protagonists come to life.