Cremonese, Giacchetta: “Last year’s disappointment is behind us, we will be competitive”

Simone Jacketsporting director of Cremonese, spoke at the start of the season press conference. These are his words reported by the official website of the grigiorossi:

“Let’s start by putting behind us what could be a disappointment for the final result, but which at the same time has left us with the satisfaction of having experienced a championship as protagonists. This forces us to start again with humility and with the desire to demonstrate once again that we are competitive in a difficult championship. The market has just started so it is still early to talk about the composition of squads or favorites. As for us, there is the awareness of wanting to do well because we have a very important ownership and company behind us and we live the responsibility that comes from our colors and from a city that has always supported us”.

Ciofani prepares to join the company with a new role: “The moment to hang up your boots is particular and very difficult, but I think Daniel got there through an internal process. We have known his human qualities for a long time and Cremonese needs people with important moral qualities: Daniel is one of them”.

Answering questions, Giacchetta explained: “With regards to the squad, we are of the opinion that with a team of between 26 and 27 players it should be enough to at least face the first half of the season. The transfer market is always complicated also because it will close with the championship already underway for weeks and during this period anything can happen. It is a dynamic that we have known for some time and which we must deal with because it affects the players. Today all the players of the first team were called up, including ours who played in other clubs in 2023/24: they are all involved, however it is clear that some are central and others are not with respect to the technical and tactical idea that we intend to develop, but this is the normality of this period of the season”.

On the aspects to improve in the staff, Giacchetta underlined: “I don’t intend to delve into technical discussions, I instead believe it is fundamental to renew the enthusiasm within the group of players: sometimes some changes are also made in consideration of this aspect. Bringing enthusiasm, resources and new energy are key aspects. In front of everything there is always Cremonese, then come personal interests: only in this way can we think of reaching some important objectives. Having said this, we will try to rejuvenate the squad, we will see whether to resort to loans or elements of ownership, even young ones, but the important aspect is the fresh and positive energy to introduce into the team as for Fulignati and Vandeputte who have shown themselves to be excellent players in Catanzaro and now want to prove it in Cremona”.