Appeal rejected by the FIGC Court of Appeal: Napoli fine for DAZN case remains

The National Federal Court fined Napoli at the end of May for not allowing DAZN to interview one of its members for the matches against Torino and Barcelona on March 8 and 12. The amount that the Neapolitan club will have to pay is 165 thousand euros. The appeal of De Laurentiiswho surrendered to the verdict of the Court of Appeal from the FIGCcomposed of the president Mario Luigi Torsello and the two members Diego Sabatino and Daniele Maffeis. Furthermore, the Neapolitan patron was also sanctioned with 230 thousand euros to be paid to the Lega Serie A.

The president of Napoli announced that he had ended relations with DAZN and that his players and staff would only speak to Sky and RAI. Then there was also a rant against Sky, guilty of having sent a journalist who was not a Napoli fan to follow the Azzurri. The reason for the anger with DAZN instead is to be found in the scheduling of the match against Atalanta, set for Saturday 30 March at 12:30, Easter Eve. With Calzone in the national team until 2 days before, De Laurentiis wanted to move the match to Monday, but it was not possible.

The Serie A regulations provide that the clubs by contract undertake to ensure that their “most representative players and those who have had the best performances in the Event, as well as their coach, participate in the Interviews – in favor of the Licensees of the Packages who hold this right – according to the methods established by the applicable regulations of the Lega Serie A in addition to the commitment to ensure the punctuality of the Interviews. For this reason, in the event of violations of the contract, specific sanctions are provided for against the clubs”.