Yamal and that “talk, talk” to the camera: dedication to Rabiot after his words?

Sheets Yamal He was one of the great protagonists of the match won by Spain against France, which gave De La Fuente’s team the final in Berlin: now the Roja is waiting to know if they will have to face England or Holland. At the end of the match he celebrated the great evening with a gesture towards the camera and a “parla, parla” which had a specific dedication, according to the interpretation given by the newspaper in Spain Brand.

“If Yamal wants to play in the final, he will have to do more than he has done so far,” Adrien Rabiot said before the match. And Lamine did it: a goal that will go down in history. This was the speech made by the former Juventus player (he is currently a free agent although in negotiations with the Bianconeri): “Yamal handles pressure very well. He has a lot of quality. He is capable of playing with his great qualities both at club level and in a big tournament. It is always difficult to manage someone like him in a semi-final, but it will be up to us to put him under pressure, not leave him alone and show him that to play in a final he will have to do much more than he has done so far.”