Where is Nico Williams? Athletic Bilbao ‘forgets’ their ace in video, requested by big clubs

In market times, every clue, from social media to the statements of the protagonists, can become a possible indication or news in the eyes of fans. If we then talk about Nico Williams let’s say that at this moment everything that concerns him is associated with the many suitors who have lined up to have him, during this great European Championship of his.

The clue in this case comes directly from the club that owns his registration, theAthletic Bilbao. In fact, the Iberian club has just posted photos and videos on its official channels showing the team’s best players posing with the new shirt. It may be a coincidence, but De La Fuente’s ace does not appear among the various Gorka Guruzeta, Iñaki Williams, Unai Simon, Dani VivianNahikari and Irene Oguiza.

As reported Brand, Nico Williams has been in Barcelona’s orbit for months now, but above all everything ‘exploded’ after Monday’s declarations by Joan Laporta in which he assured that he was in a position to guarantee the player the salary he was asking for. Furthermore, the international has an excellent relationship with the Barcelona players who play in the European Championships, especially with Lamine Yamal.