Turin, survey with Napoli for Cheddira: Conte has already made a first decision

Torino has asked for information Walid Cheddira. During the negotiations for Alessandro Buongiorno, the Granata sounded out Napoli’s availability regarding the sale of the former Bari and Frosinone player. A firm ‘no’ from the Azzurri: Conte wants to evaluate him carefully in retreat and has temporarily vetoed his sale, even if clearly things could change in the coming weeks.

The Moroccan has characteristics that the Lecce coach likes and will try to play his cards for a permanence in blue. The exit of Simeone is more likely, as he asks for a starting shirt after two years spent as a substitute. The Campania broadcaster reports this New Point Radio.

In mid-June, the Moroccan striker’s agent, Bruno Di Napoli, spoke about the player’s future: “Walid has had an important championship and has improved, he will have attracted the attention of several clubs in Italy and abroad, but the priority must be given to Napoli. He is very happy to be able to go on retreat with Conte, it will be an important opportunity for the boy. He will make his dream come true, he is a player predisposed to sacrifice and work”.