Team Altamura, after Rolando three more signings coming. Two under and one over

Team Altamura very active in these hours of transfer market. After the official arrival of Mattia Rolando from the Renate the Apulian club, managed by the ds Andrea Grammar would currently be dealing with two other profiles. According to South Antenna they would be very close.

These are the right back Matteo Poggesi, formerly of Pro Sesto, and Antonio Sabbatani, a striker that the sporting director Grammatica already had in Ravenna, the latter having already signed a two-year contract, with ten goals for him in the last Group D of Serie D.

As for the overs, the former defender is very popular Martina, Enrico Silletticoming off a season with 31 appearances and two goals to his name.

Below is the post with which Altamura announced the first incoming signing, Mattia Rolando: