Spezia, D’Angelo: “Pisa on the first day? Full stadium and strong team, it will be tough”

TMW Exclusive

Luke D’Angelocoach of Spezia, spoke to the microphones of TMW on the sidelines of the presentation of the Serie B calendars which took place today in La Spezia:

“We have a difficult championship ahead of us, because the Serie A is always complicated for everyone, but we have the right enthusiasm to face it.”

He has already faced Pisa as a former player, but this time it’s his first match of the championship
“It’s always special for me to return to Pisa, it will be a beautiful match. We will find a strong team and a full stadium, we will play it but now it’s a bit early to think about it”

This is the first day of the 2024/25 Serie B championship
Bari – Juve Stabia
Catanzaro – Sassuolo
Frosinone – Sampdoria
South Tyrol-Modena