Spain-France 2-1, the ratings: Yamal overshadows Mbappé. Theo and Rabiot: a terrible night

Final result: Spain-France 2-1

Spain’s report cards (edited by Marco Pieracci)

Simon 6 – On the goal conceded, the poor positioning of the defense paid the price, in the version of beautiful nativity scene figurines, in the second half he saved with an open hand on Dembélé. Some shivers in the game with the feet.

Navas 6.5 – The oldest ever to take the field in a semi-final, Mbappé tickles him. He anesthetizes him with so much experience. 58′ Vivian 6 – Use size to protect the result.

Nacho 7 – He has to replace Le Normand in the center of the defense, he does it great with the usual ferocity. He sacrifices himself as a full-back when Navas goes down, he doesn’t move back an inch.

Door 6 – Accurate in building from the bottom, a bit careless in marking: he loses Kolo Muani. No big deal, he will find a way to redeem himself.

Cucurella 7 – Targeted by German fans every time he receives the ball, he will ultimately be more annoyed by the boos than Dembélé’s dribbles.

Rodri 8 – Better than a safe, hard times for burglars: no one can decipher the combination. Monstrous.

Fabian Ruiz 7 – Elegant in his turns, you can see that he is confident. Intelligent in freeing himself with the right timing, he knows how to manage possession.

Yamal 9 – He shows up with a caress for Fabian Ruiz, then takes the canvas in his hands and draws a rainbow behind poor Maignan. A true phenomenon, a historic goal. From 90’+3 Ferran Torres sv

Elm 7.5 – The best non-starter of the tournament, an absolute specialist in turning the tide of matches: he enters the French defense like a knife through butter. From 77′ Merino sv

Williams 6.5 – Less sparkling than the previous outings due to Koundé’s exasperated aggressiveness, but he is always connected: he never loses the signal. From 90’+3 Zubimendi sv

Morata 7 – Maybe we’ll see him again soon in Italy, in the meantime he’s working hard and having fun in a Spain that is going at full speed also thanks to his movements. From 77′ Oyarzabal sv

Louis of the Fountain 8 – The elderly Jesus Navas on the potential best player Mbappé could have seemed like a gamble, instead he gets this one right too. Perfect European, so far only applause. On the road to glory he hasn’t made a single mistake, now he just has to climb the last step.

The report cards of France (edited by Raimondo De Magistris)

Maignan 6 – On Yamal’s masterpiece goal he tries a miracle, but he can’t do anything about it. At 2-1, he is helpless and unlucky. Good at the beginning of the second half to stop Nico Williams who was running towards the goal, leaving his penalty area in good time.

Koundé 5 – In the wrong place at the wrong time, even if the 2-1 goal will be awarded to Dani Olmo. He suffers the speed of Nico Williams, like all those who in this European Championship pass near the Athletic Club striker.

Upamecano 6 – Man-marking Morata produces good results. The problem, if anything, is all those who buzz around the Spanish captain.

Saliba 6 – As above. A match without any obvious flaws, also because Spain does not often pass by their side: they have other plots and follow other paths to create their most dangerous chances.

Theo Hernandez 4.5 – Carvajal’s absence should relieve him of a burden, but instead the evening is complicated. Very complicated. It was Lamine Yamal’s night, who on that lane, also thanks to the help of veteran Jesus Navas, always had the upper hand. In the second half he had France’s best chance: he hit it badly.

Kanté 5 – He tried to oppose his intensity to the Spanish dribbling: the opponents prevailed. From the 62nd Griezmann 5.5 – He gives more weight to the attack and in the end he also has a good chance: nothing happened.

Tchouameni 4.5 – Dani Olmo’s move between the lines sends him into a tailspin. The Spaniard doesn’t give him any reference points, then he paints him on the 2-1 goal

Rabiot 4.5 – Out of breath, he wanders around the pitch constantly looking for his opponents. On the equaliser he fails to attack Yamal and the Barcelona striker pulls a crazy goal out of his hat. From the 62nd Camavinga 5 – A few too many beatings and nothing more.

Dembele 5 – Some good plays but they are isolated traces. As the minutes pass he becomes more and more stubborn in the individual play appearing harmless. From the 79th Giroud sv

Kolo Muani 6.5 – Off he goes and unlocks the match with a precise header. Then little or nothing but as a centre forward he did his part, also because after the 1-0 he received few playable balls. From the 62nd Barcola 6.5 – Great impact on the match, his entrance brings new life to the French counterattacks.

Mbappe 6.5 – He invents the goal that unlocks the match with a delightful assist. He tries to keep his team afloat, he clings to his bursts. But in the end he also wastes a golden opportunity by sending a ball kicked from his tile into the curve.

Didier Deschamps 5 – Dani Olmo fails to read the move and his midfield is in difficulty.