Spain, de La Fuente: “We have created something unique, but we want to continue making history”

Louis of the FountainSpain’s national coach, comments on the microphones of La1 the Euro 2024 semi-final won 2-1 in a comeback against France: “We are happy, we were already happy to have reached this semi-final but now the happiness is greater, especially the pride for some exceptional players, they know how to read the games and play them in an exceptional way. Sport sometimes has to be interpreted with a lot of humility, we know that now at this level all the rivals are great, these players have achieved something unique but we want to continue making history. It was a perfect defensive match, we had opportunities to come back, create dangerous opportunities, we wanted them to expose themselves a little more and I think we played a very complete match in general.

We are recovering players, they are at the limit, they are making an extraordinary effort, it is about recovering and recovering, they are very generous, they think about doing fantastic things every day. It does not matter who we find in the final, we see the path we are taking in this European Championship, they are all great rivals and we await them with open arms. We want to win it”.