Pruzzo: “Inter without weak points, they are a bit older in defense but they are still the favorites”

Former striker Roberto Pruzzo analyses Inter’s market moves on Radio Radio Mattino and Sport: “Maybe they’re looking for another striker, I think I understood. Arnautovic? His was a season troubled by injuries and with mistakes in front of goal that you don’t expect from him. However, it seems to me that it’s a consolidated team, that has no weak points. Maybe he’s a little advanced in age behind, someone will have a few more ailments for a season that will be very tough.

But at the starting line you put her in front, for what she has shown in these years and for what Marotta does every year well in advance. There won’t be many problems to start with, repeating yourself is always difficult because last year’s season was unexpected and at a certain point almost easy for Inter. I think this year could be more or less the same thing”.