Pisa, Inzaghi: “This club made me feel important. I identify with the fans”

Presentation press conference in that of Pisa for the new First Team coach, Philip Inzaghi. Here is an excerpt of his words reported by CalcioPisa.it:

“I thank Pisa for making me feel important. I like that Giovanni Corrado remembered that I wanted Pisa. I identify a lot with this fan base. I see great enthusiasm and perhaps too much benevolence towards me. I have never used clubs to get there. I want to leave a mark over time. We want players who want Pisa as I wanted it. I don’t look at the category, I was looking for an important project. In recent years I haven’t been lucky, I hope I arrived in Pisa at the right time.

Pisa is the right place for me. Over the years, the club has kept experienced players but has also launched young players. It’s something I like too. The most important thing is to create a strong group that cares about the shirt. The players must put football first. We are lucky to have a public that if we sweat for the shirt is already very important. We must win back the fans. I am convinced that the team is strong and in the last two years it could have done more. We want to return to being competitive. We must build a single body.

I will try to understand what the right module will be. I want an aggressive team that can play the game. I know some players.

We have always spoken over the years. The respect has never been lacking. I think this is the right time and that the journey will be very long. Too much passion for this job has also made me make the wrong choices. It seems to me that I have been working with Pisa for years. They are looking for important players. I want to help the boys get to where I have gotten. It is exciting to see the city. I knew about the passion.

Strong forwards, few have them in B. What is certain is that we will play with three forwards. We need to score even more goals. I hope Moreo returns to double figures. It was not my merit for the goals in Venice and Brescia. I envied Matteo Tramoni a lot when Pisa bought him. When you come back from a cruciate ligament injury it is always difficult. I had Mlakar in Venice and for me he will play in the three forwards. The impression I had with the players is excellent. We can’t wait to start. It is not enough to open the stadium but we have to deserve the passion of the people”.