Milan: 4 years for Morata (and 5 for Fofana). Inter: Hermoso and… the announcement! Juve: K is getting closer. And the Yamal factor

The problem with tennis becoming a “popular and mass sport” – a wonderful thing, by the way – is that too many people have started treating tennis players as if they were footballers.
Yesterday Sinner faced a giant like Medvedev and that one, the Russian, was better; Sinner who was not at 100% and did not play at his level, lost. In tennis it is the most normal thing in the world, but there are those who had the courage to write “we are not there, it is not good, he is not at the level of the greats, he is good but…”, like when you talk about attackers or full-backs who make mistakes in the match. That is, Sinner: the athlete who in the last year has made the fewest mistakes from the North Pole to Antarctica. To these people we say only one thing: damn. And another: go to the beach.

The same level of depth of thought (practically zero) has a big impact on transfer market evaluations: if you buy and sell lots of players you’re very good, otherwise you’re a piece of shit failure.

It doesn’t work exactly like that, so let’s proceed with little thoughts (in no particular order).

Milan is the team that is making the most noise and somehow attracts criticism from those who see it as immobile and confused. First consideration: the real problem is not related to the construction of the team, but to communication (if you make it clear that you want Zirkzee, the next Manchester United striker, you have to bring him home, otherwise you will pass off the others as plans B, C, D).
The Rossoneri don’t need a huge number of new signings, but just a few high-level players.
This is why the managers have intensified their contacts with Morata (or rather, with his agent Bozzo): 4 years of contract are proposed to the Spaniard to convince him to accept the destination, a lot if you think about the guidelines of the funds on thirty-year-olds. Morata is the player to whom Milan and Fonseca want to entrust the attack and will bring him to Milanello. Personal opinion? Excellent choice.
It doesn’t end there. The other target is Youssouf Fofana, a midfielder born in ’99, who has been on Moncada’s notebook for some time (the agreement with the player is already in place for a five-year deal worth 3.5 million). The first offer to Monaco was 12 million plus bonuses. Too little: they will need to get closer to the French club’s 20 million. The feeling is that the deal will go through. And in this case too, he will make Fonseca very happy.

Inter have already done a lot. In fact, almost everything. This thing is a bit disturbing for lovers of “daily and shouted news”, but we know how it works. Zielinski has arrived, Taremi has arrived, Martinez has arrived. Every starter has his alternative, every alternative is at the level (or almost) of the starter. The only thing missing is the so-called “left-footed wingman” and even in this case the situation is clear: Hermoso on a free transfer is plan A (but Oaktree must be convinced of the goodness of an operation that is in any case not trivial in terms of salary and commissions), Ricardo Rodriguez a possible “patch” with less planning and at decidedly lower costs (the former Granata player has been proposed to the Nerazzurri directors). There is certainly no rush.
For the rest, we are at the “cliché”: new purchases will be scheduled only in the event of exits, which have not been foreseen so far. Some will not like this, but Inzaghi likes it a lot, who will finally be able to work with an already “well-oiled” squad.
Oh, and speaking of Inzaghi, today could be the day of the announcement of the contract extension (new expiry 2026): with 6.5 million euros + bonuses per season he will be the highest paid coach in Serie A.

Giuntoli is working magic, it must be said. He knows he doesn’t have unlimited resources and still manages to make many things come back. Thuram is just one of the new pawns destined to make Mr. Motta happy; he arrives after Di Gregorio and Douglas Luiz who, I mean, are not exactly the least of the cucuzzaro. The dream, obviously, remains Koopmeiners, but 60 million are needed. And how do you do it? You do it. For example by moving on from the sale of the young and highly sought-after Soulé, moving on to Rugani (offers for him too) and Chiesa. But Chiesa is taking his time and Roma doesn’t intend to wait, he’s okay with it. Bottom line: they need money and patience, two non-trivial things, but the Dutchman already has an economic agreement with the Bianconeri and the operation seems very well-directed.

Napoli is serious. It was already clear with the arrival of Conte on the bench, but it is only the beginning. They need to place Osimhen and it is not easy, but for the rest the ideas are very clear.
Starting with Alessandro Buongiorno, a deal that is now certified (announcement tomorrow). The defender signs a five-year contract with a 70 million clause valid from 2027. Not bad at all.

Finally, a very deep consideration on Lamine Yamal (16 years, 11 months, 28 days) and that goal there: for me it is strong.