Lazio, Noslin: “Baroni wanted me here. I want to help the club return to the Champions League”

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13.45 – At 2pm there will be a press conference to present the new Biancoceleste striker Tijjani Noslin from the press room of the Formello sports center. Follow the live text on TUTTOmercatoWEB

14.03 – The press conference for the presentation of Tijjani Noslin has begun. Also present is the sports director Angelo Fabiani

Sporting director Angelo Fabiani takes the floor: “There is little to introduce, he is a player you know. He is an element that I already knew even before he arrived in Verona, my colleague Sean (Sogliano, ed.) took him and did extraordinary things in Verona. For us he is an important profile, young, to continue that concept of rejuvenating the squad. As you all know, the Lazio squad was eighth in Europe for average age, there is a change of trend in terms of playing philosophy and Noslin, together with the other guys we have taken, corresponds to these characteristics for this new cycle. I have nothing else to add and I will pass the word directly to Noslin who is very excited”.

Tijjani Noslin’s first words: “I will speak in English, I am very happy to be here. It is my first move to a big club, I will do my best to get the best in this big best. I hope we can achieve important goals, I am Tijjani Noslin, I am 25 years old and I will give my best for Lazio”.

Has your life changed this year?
“Yes, certainly some people knew me for what I had done before at Fortuna. There were many people who helped me achieve what I achieved and get to this point. I have to thank Fortuna and Verona for the opportunity they gave me.”

What lessons do you take away from your adventure with Baroni in Verona?
“I’m very happy to meet Baroni again and that he pushed to buy me, he had faith in me and I’m happy. I’ve known him for a few months but he’s already seen what I can do and in Verona he always asked us to move forward, never to lower ourselves. I don’t feel the pressure, I play my football and I love playing football. We’ll see what happens, I understand that there are expectations given the large amount that was spent, but I hope to live up to the club’s expectations of me.”

Which role best suits your characteristics and where do you feel most comfortable?
“For me the most important thing is to play, it doesn’t matter if on the left, right or in the centre. I will try to do my best in every position and I hope to be able to score as many goals and assists as possible to help the team qualify for the next Champions League.”

You will take Immobile’s place, what kind of responsibility is that?
“I was pleased to know that a coach like Baroni gives me this confidence. I don’t know what will happen with Immobile, what I know is that in any position on the pitch I will do everything to help the team with goals and assists.”

Do you already have a goal goal for next season?
“As I said, I scored five goals and provided four assists, I helped Verona stay in Serie A and I’m happy about that. Now I’m a Lazio player and everything will be different, I don’t care how many goals I score, but I will do everything to help the team win as many games as possible and achieve our goals.”

What led to your explosion in our league? How do you think you can handle the legacy left by Felipe Anderson?
“There have been many top-level players at Lazio like Anderson and Immobile who are legends for the club. I know that in the first few months in Verona I did well, I hope to be able to do even better because I will be playing with even stronger teammates. I think I will have more chances to score or provide assists and I hope to be able to double the numbers from last year.”

What is your strength and what can you still improve on?
“I can improve in every aspect, you never reach the peak, you can always improve both in terms of goals and physicality. There are many things I can improve in and I hope that such strong teammates can help me improve week after week.”