Lazio, Fabiani on Immobile: “If an offer arrives we will evaluate it, he is history”

The press conference of Tijjani Noslin, the sporting director, has ended Angel Fabiani took the floor to make an update on Lazio’s transfer market:

Can you update us on the Immobile-Besiktas situation?
“I’ll answer with a joke, I’ve heard about it. I’m used to acting when there are the papers and an official request, when an official request for Ciro arrives the club will take note of it and evaluate what to do. I made a request to a club and I did it in a formal manner, the ifs and buts are a waste of time. I’ve heard about this eventuality, we’re talking about a player who has made Lazio’s history. He should be treated with due manners, if an official proposal from Besiktas for Ciro arrives we’ll evaluate it. If Ciro’s will is to take this proposal into consideration, then the club will take note of it and evaluate it. I don’t want to say stupid things, I’ll be more precise when there is a formal proposal”.

Can’t the player be released for free?
“The player absolutely did not ask for this. I have always heard that a possible transfer would be welcome to him, even under my management no one has shown anyone the door. Those who left because their contract expired or because they wanted to change shirts did so by the will of the player. At the base there is a very specific will of the player, I hope that the player can stay because there is respect for the player and the man. However, we must reason on facts and not rely on news that bounce around the media level”.