Lazio, Fabiani: “Noslin overpaid? Before talking about football played, let’s activate the brain”

The press conference of Tijjani Noslin, the sporting director, has ended Angel Fabiani took the floor to make an update on Lazio’s transfer market:

How do you judge the criticisms about Noslin’s price tag?
“If I generalise now I will offend many of you who have nothing to do with it, but there was a colleague in particular who I don’t see and who said this bullshit because it’s one thing to play football and another thing to be the editor of a newspaper. I could say that I took Ederson from Salernitana for six million and resold him for twenty. Noslin said that Torino was after him, perhaps even offering something more to the boy, but the presence of Baroni helped us otherwise Noslin would have been paid even more. Since there are people who are bitter, have nothing to do and have to say a lot of stupid things, then I would say that before talking about football played you have to activate the brain”.

What is missing to complete the roster? Have you made any players unsellable?
“Unsellable is a big word, here no one is unsellable. The thing that was most important to us as a club was to put the new coach in a position to work with all the players available. This famous left back would be missing, but it must be said that we have Pellegrini, Marusic has often played on the left, so today the retreat can be faced in the best possible way. There is a month and a half to go until the transfer window closes and we will see if there will be the possibility of improving, this is our duty. Tomorrow the team leaves and we believe we have made all the players available to the technical staff in the various roles. The game that Baroni will propose then foresees an interchangeability of roles and for today this is more than enough”.