Lauriente would like Fenerbahce, but there is distance with Sassuolo. The details of the offer


Armand Lauriente has chosen: he wants Fenerbahce. Very strong call from José Mourinho for the Sassuolo winger who is clearly on his way out for this transfer window. The situation however is not as simple as one would like to outline, because the proposal from the yellow and blues is around 12 million plus bonuses to get to around 15. Instead the black and green CEO, Giovanni Carnevali, is asking for around 20 million for the French striker. A substantial distance of 5 million euros.

There is no shortage of interest from Serie A either, with Torino and Parma first and foremost. However, Lauriente intends to play in the Cups and after two years in Italy he would like a new experience. Fenerbahce will play in the Champions League and has put on the table a rich four-year contract, with figures that cannot be compared to what he would earn in Italy.

What is certain is that if Sassuolo does not lower their demands, the deal will hardly be able to go through. Also because the player himself would like to spend the retreat with the Turkish club and then become a starter right away. In the last two seasons, Napoli had also asked for information, but currently it is not a possible destination. In the next few hours there could be an acceleration by Fenerbahce to try to find an agreement.