Juventus, medical visits also for Soulé. The fans cheer him: “Don’t go away!”

Important day for Matias Soulé who finds Juventus with a very important season behind him with the Frosinone jersey: the Argentine playmaker has recently arrived at JMedical, where he will undergo pre-season medical tests before making himself available to Motta. In the meantime, the fans who flocked to the facility abroad have explicitly asked the player to stay, as is evident from the video of our correspondent:

The future
The coach is an admirer of his, given the 11 goals he scored last year in Frosinone. For this reason he would like to keep him in the team and, from the management, a promise has arrived to do everything not to sacrifice him. However, faced with unmissable offers (around 30/35 million), the farewell will be inevitable. A proposal of this kind has not yet arrived at Continassa. So, at least for the moment, the former Bologna coach can work with Soulé and understand if the Argentine can really become a precious weapon for Juventus.

But something is moving around Soulé. In addition to the interest of the Romethat of the has been added Marseille (but now focused on Greenwood) and of the Leicester. The English seem willing to start with an offer of 20/25 million. It probably wouldn’t be enough to get the green light from Juventus, but in the meantime it would be a way to open the table. It is therefore difficult to predict now how Soulé’s summer will end: whether with confirmation in black and white or with a move to another club. Certainly, in these days he will be able to show his value to his coach – and admirer – Thiago Motta.