Impallomeni: “Napoli, Osimhen can stay. Milan, Morata satisfies everyone”

TMW Radio

TO Maracanain the afternoon of TMW Radiothe time has come for Stephen Impallomenijournalist and former footballer.

Osimhen present at the Napoli retreat. Isn’t he staying?
“The ways of the transfer market are infinite and unpredictable. I wouldn’t be surprised. It seemed out of context and having him back makes the difference. But the question is: how does he stay? You have to talk to him, with Conte who can make the difference from a motivational point of view. I believe that the club is waiting for the offer, which is not arriving for the moment”.

Conte has exposed himself with Di Lorenzo and Kvara, but not with Osimhen. Including the club:
“The only thing that is not clear to me is why a club like PSG has not already closed the deal. What is happening? I am missing some pieces in this story, because it was said that he was in great demand… If everything is not defined within two weeks, for me he can stay in Naples”.

Morata, Milan seems to have chosen him:
“There was a new outburst, so I think he could perhaps willingly return to Italy. For me he is an excellent player, he is not a top player but I would see him well at Milan in place of Giroud. Of course, the indications were different but the Spaniard, who can play more roles, would please everyone”.

Inzaghi, the renewal with Inter arrives until 2026:
“It was in the air. There is a whole working group that gratifies and satisfies him. There is a lot of harmony at Inter. I believe that Inter is in good hands from a technical point of view”.

Lazio, Immobile close to leaving:
“The latest news is that there is an agreement with Besiktas, but there is no agreement between the two teams. And that is no small thing. Maybe he can’t stand this environment anymore? I don’t know, maybe he will tell us later. Maybe he wants to live a different experience”.

How to do without him in attack?
“For me, Simeone wouldn’t be bad, given how Baroni wants to build it. Tchaouna will be a revelation, there are many fast and physical players. Simeone doesn’t cost too much, so he would be a valid alternative.”

At this moment, who would you send a message of praise or criticism to?
“No reproach, but negative surprise. I expected Zirkzee to go to Milan and for Ibrahimovic to say something else. The praise for Atalanta, which seems like serious stuff to me.”

Inter always ahead, who is the real opponent today?
“I choose Atalanta as a possible outsider, even if it’s very early. I have great faith in the work of the club and Gasperini. For me they are still hungry despite the victory in the EL. Maybe they will also manage certain departures well. Atalanta is a guarantee”.