How Monza will play and how it can change again after the first market moves

How will Monza change after the arrival of Alessandro Nesta? The coach has almost always used a four-man defense throughout his career. He started with the diamond, of his maestro Carlo Ancelotti, but then he switched to a three-man defense, with four midfielders, two men behind the striker and a style more similar to that used by Raffaele Palladino last season. “I have an idea, that the team played best with the 3-5-2. However, the first thing we will do with my staff is to try to understand where each player can do better. We will understand it better during the retreat: everyone at the beginning of the year, in July, talks about dominance and playing man to man. Then maybe on the fourth day they back off and play a different game. We don’t make proclamations”, said the coach.

What can change
The Brianza club is looking for a starting goalkeeper, a right winger and a striker to give to Nesta. Not only that. They probably also lack a trequartista, a lot will revolve around the future of Andrea Colpani, we need to understand what and how many offers will arrive for the Frenchman Warren Bondo and if Adriano Galliani with Francois Modesto will be able to thin out the squad and place all the exits soon. There is not much to do but at least two or three pieces among the starters need to be placed. Not very little…

The probable formation
? (Cragno); Izzo (D’Ambrosio); ? (Birindelli); Colpani (?), Vignato (Caprari); Mota (Djuric).

Outgoing: Petagna, Antov, Pereira, D’Alessandro, Mancuso, Diaw, Maric