Gym in retreat with Gasp’s Atalanta: he could be Holm’s heir

Having had an excellent season with the Under 23s in Serie C, the Nerazzurri winger will try to carve out a role for himself in the First Team.

After a season that brought great successes, theAtalanta is ready to get back to work to plan a new exciting year, which will first of all see the wonderful European Super Cup challenge against Real Madrid and then, obviously, the league commitments and the return to the Champions League.

With a view to the summer retreat, the attention of Young Italy could only fall on the boys added to the First Team: among these, we want to focus today on a player who could become a protagonist of the next Serie A. We are talking about Mark Gym, winger born in ’05, who has attracted the interest of many (even abroad) after the splendid championship with Atalanta Under 23. Let’s quote the numbers: 41 appearances between Serie C and Coppa Italia, to which is added the first match played in the Europa League against Raków Częstochowa.

We have been telling you about this boy for years now, on whom we have always spent important words, convinced of his value. In March, we finally went out on a limb, telling how Gasperini was already “studying” him in view of the following year. Correct reading: the coach called him up, as anticipated a little while ago, on the occasion of the summer retreat. But not only that, because the club decided (a few weeks ago) to don’t redeem Holm, thus leaving a slot free on the right wing.

Will Palestra actually take that spot? It’s hard to say for sure now, but we’re convinced that Gasperini (along with the technical staff and management) will take all the time necessary to figure out the best path for the boy, whether to join the current squad or evaluate a loan option, perhaps in Serie B.