From Colpani to Szczesny. Galliani presents Nesta to Monza and explains “the deal”

Presentation day at Monza, with Adriano Galliani present at the new coach’s first press conference Alessandro Nestawith the two returning to work together after their many successes at Milan. The CEO spoke about the coach and then moved on to the market and addressed the issue of the possible sale of Andrea Colpani: “Did Fiorentina ask for Colpani? There are no negotiations underway with Fiorentina, it is useless to talk about the market because between now and August 30th anything and the opposite of everything can happen. At this moment there are no negotiations regarding Colpani with any team, including Fiorentina. Then this doesn’t mean anything, but at the moment it is like this”.

Then some words about Szczesny. And the definition of “negotiation”.
“First of all, we need to agree on what a negotiation is. If you refer to the dictionary, sit down and start talking, there is no negotiation for Szczesny. Then chatting with someone, with a sports director or something else, these are all things in progress. But there is no negotiation underway for Szczesny, meaning a negotiation”.

Nesta’s words.
Alessandro Nesta, instead, stated: “I think it means a lot to me, it’s the first time I’ve played in Serie A as a coach, I’ve worked hard to get to this level and I hope to get there prepared. I’ve studied a lot, with my staff. Working with Galliani is a pleasure but also a responsibility, which I feel is double. I’ve seen the sports center and I see the hand of the president, who has left something truly important wherever he has been. The sports center I saw is not something everyone has, the stadium is very different from what I remembered”.

What did Galliani ask you?
“It’s a strange relationship, twenty years later we have another presentation press conference. We won a lot and lost a lot, we fell and got up again, it was a wonderful journey: finding yourself as a coach after twenty years is strange, but he didn’t ask me anything”.

Galliani said it was a different negotiation than in 2002. From his point of view?
“It was very different, as a player it was a special day: that day we went to Controcampo I think, when the show started I wasn’t smiling much because leaving Rome was complicated for me. I remember that after the advert Galliani told me that at Milan there were only happy players. This time it’s very different, we laughed a lot and it lasted two seconds: when he called me it didn’t seem real. I’ve done my apprenticeship, I’ve been in Serie B sweating and when a call comes from Monza you don’t have to say anything. You think it’s true and you go”.