De Zerbi: “Accusations against Greenwood? Whoever plays for me becomes my son”. Longoria also comments

The torment continues Greenwood in home Marseille. After reaching an agreement with the Getafe for the ex’s landing Manchester Unitedthe transalpine club had to deal with the stance taken by many fans, who on social networks started the hashtag #Greenwoodnotwelcome, or “Greenwood you are not welcome”. The player, also sought by Laziowas previously charged with three counts: attempted rape, assault, and coercive and controlling behavior. On July 2, 2023, all charges were dropped and he was able to get back in the game.

Asked about the topic, the coach Roberto DeZerbi he assured: “I don’t know exactly what happened, I don’t like to interfere in the private lives of players. Once a player signs for the club where I work, he becomes my son. I protect my players in good times and bad”. In addition to De Zerbi, the president also spoke about Greenwood Pablo Longoria: “I don’t deal with off-field issues. For a year and a half we have launched a social initiative that is among the largest in Europe, the 13th Man program, it’s a personal idea. Greenwood? It’s a market opportunity for OM”. It remains to be seen whether this media buzz will have an influence on the player’s choice.