Braglia: “What Inter, at the beginning of July it has already closed the transfer campaign”

TMW Radio

The former goalkeeper Simone Braglia he spoke about the current issues at TMW Radioduring Maracana.

At this moment, who would you send a message of praise or criticism to?
“I praise Marotta and Ausilio, because they have already finished the transfer campaign by strengthening the team. And they are preparing to get to the end of the Champions League”.

Inter always ahead, who is the real opponent today?
“Atalanta has a well-defined program and gives us hope. It is a rising reality and can aim for something more prestigious in the long run.”

Napoli, is it possible that Osimhen will stay?
“It’s counterproductive to keep someone you announced as leaving. It’s better for them to find a compromise, maybe taking less than the clause but letting him go.”

Milan, the number 9 is still expected, as Fonseca said:
“There are many names thrown around but then we don’t get to the point. For the fans it would be desirable to form a top-level squad. The discontent is growing, it shows that there is disappointing communication. The funds must understand that communication in the world of football is very important”.

National team, will it continue with Spalletti?
“It’s hard to say today, because for me it would be yet another mistake to send him away. The lack of reaction from the group, however, is one of the signs that there was something against the coach, that someone was rowing against him.”