Accardi: “Coda and Romagnoli? Let’s see if we can unblock them in the next few days”


Today Peter Accardi he officially introduced himself as the new sporting director of Sampdoria, a club he knows well having worn the Blucerchiati shirt for a long time (128 appearances) as a footballer. A conference in which it was inevitable to also talk about the market with the names of Max Tail And Simone Romagnoli who seem very close to landing in Liguria: “As for the names that are coming out in the newspapers, there is some truth. They are all players we respect. But from experience, until there is black on white we cannot tell you that the deal is done”.

How long can Coda and Romagnoli wait?
“You wrote that they are blocked (smiles). They are players that we like, as we like others. Let’s see if we can unblock them in the next few days”.

How much hope is there that Esposito will return?
“It’s clear to everyone that he had an important championship last year. He’s one of the fans’ favourites. But he’s owned by Inter and I think it’s right that Inter, if the top division wants him, is thinking about it because they think he’s ready for the division.”

Is there an idea to focus on loans with obligation to redeem?
“We can also make loans with obligation, we are working on it. Today I say that the priority is to reduce the squad and lower the wage bill. I am working on this and we are trying to shore up the squad to give the coach the possibility of having new players”.

Is there a Tutino hypothesis?
“The ideas are clear. Today, by necessity, we must be vigilant on the outgoing and incoming market. When there is a request or offer for any player today we are forced to at least listen to it. The market is still long, every player has his own story. I brought Tutino to Empoli, but I don’t feel like making promises to anyone. The only thing I feel like doing, I’ve already said, is that we want to make our people proud of us. For the rest, we are vigilant and continue to work day by day to build a team that is up to Sampdoria and this category”.