Verona, DS Sogliano: “Market? Same dynamics, we have to stay within the parameters”

The new coach of Hellas Verona, Paul Zanettishowed up at a press conference today accompanied by DS Sean Sogliano. Here are the words of the Scaligeri manager: “It will be another championship of suffering. But with the extraordinary compactness of our environment we hope to celebrate once again. I don’t like casting coaches and I’ll explain why: today the coaches are all prepared, even too much, so you go by feelings. The evaluation is made in this sense”.

“Market? The dynamics are always the same. We have to stay within parameters, we can’t give high salaries. We have to make capital gains to live and keep the accounts in order. We work this way and we will continue to work this way. We want players with hunger and the desire to assert themselves. This is our philosophy”.