Twelve million for 2 years: Immobile-Besiktas, there is an agreement. But Lazio will not release him for free

Twelve million net for the next two years. With this offer Besiktas yesterday finally convinced the captain of the Lazio Ciro Immobile to move to Turkey. The 34-year-old centre-forward from Campania now feels out of the Biancoceleste project and for this reason he has accepted the offer from the Istanbul club, ready to write the last chapter of his career there.

At the moment, however, there is no agreement with Lazio: Claudio Lotito is willing to let Immobile go but is asking for financial compensation, around five million euros. While on the other side Besiktas is asking the Biancoceleste club to release him for free. A condition that, at least for now, Lazio is not willing to comply with.

“You are telling me about the offer, I don’t know you. It’s like the guy who says he’s getting married but doesn’t know the bride. I don’t know, I’ll say it honestly: my club hasn’t received any offer. Immobile is a Lazio player, he has a contract with Lazio. The club hasn’t received any offer from another club that wants to acquire him. When they receive it, they will evaluate it. We haven’t received any offer to date,” Claudio Lotito said yesterday evening. In the meantime, however, Immobile hasn’t taken the athletic tests at the Isokinetic clinic: everything has been postponed until tomorrow, while we wait to see if an agreement will be reached on his transfer to Turkey in the next few hours.