Thiago Alcantara retires and Flick calls him as deputy: “Are you going back to Barça?”

The news that quickly went around the world was two days old, with an announcement from the person directly involved: Thiago Alcantara is retiring from football. The imaginative Liverpool midfielder has fallen off the radar this year due to constant injuries and at 33 years old he has decided to give up, driven by his inability to have the impact he would like on his sporting seasons.

From the program Jijantes held by the Spanish journalist Gerard Romero comes a piece of news that, if confirmed, would have a romantic flavour: the Barcelona coach, Hansi Flickwould have immediately sent the midfielder a request to sign with the Blaugrana, in the role of assistant coach: after having proposed the idea to him a few days ago, the two have already had a meeting in person to discuss it.

Hansi Flick wants him at his side on the Barcelona bench for several reasons. One of them is his football knowledge, which Flick knows well from their time together at Bayern Munich. He also sees Thiago as a key person to effectively communicate his message to the Barcelona dressing room. Now the ball is in the former Liverpool player’s court. According to the media outlet mentioned, Thiago will have to make a decision in the next few hours.