Sustainability and freshness, the new Empoli starts from here

Empoli’s new era has officially begun. Yesterday, the team – still reduced in number due to the absences of the internationals and the number of players still at zero on the transfer front – took to the field for the first two training sessions under the orders of the new coach Roberto D’Aversa. Also yesterday, in the morning, the former Lecce coach was presented to the press, as was the sporting director Gemmi. It will be a difficult year, in which Empoli will have to use all its energy to avoid relegation. Strong owners have arrived from Serie B, who will spend a lot on the market, and an even bigger feat will be needed than in the recent past.

A sustainable rose…
Both Gemmi and D’Aversa, after thanking the Corsi family for the opportunity, said they were enthusiastic about the new adventure. The market will be complicated and not too expensive, which is why the word “sustainability” was underlined: Empoli will look for those players, Italian or foreign, young or not so young, who do not put the club’s economic situation in difficulty first. It is easy to think that the path of many loans will continue, trying to identify the right profiles in the lower leagues or in the youth teams of the big clubs.

A fresh and hungry rose
The club wants a young, fresh squad, the coach wants players dedicated to sacrifice and ready to put the team’s interest before their own. D’Aversa has stated that he does not want to interfere in the market choices, but it is clear that the new purchases will also be made based on his tactical indications. The coach wants hungry and flexible players, ready to change formation when necessary. We start with a four-man defense, but the possible plan B includes the use of the three-man defense that worked so well with Davide Nicola.