Spezia, Antonucci digs in his heels: he wants Cesena. But he risks a fine for yesterday’s absence

Yesterday at the Federghini in Follo, the sports centre where Spezia gathered while waiting to leave for the retreat, the absence of Mirko Antonucci who presented a medical certificate to justify his absence with the club that recalled the player to be visited in La Spezia today, when it will be clear whether the class of ’99 will arrive in the Ligurian city or will go towards an open clash with the club.

In fact, Spezia, as reported by 19th centurycould in fact, if Antonucci’s absence were considered unjustified, impose a fine on the player of 5% of his gross monthly salary with the possibility, if the relationship between the parties were to become further complicated, of reaching up to 50% with however the mandatory passage through the Arbitration Board.

Antonucci has already chosen to leave Spezia, where his adventure was negative, and has reached an agreement with the newly promoted Cesena that could either spread the current salary (around 800 thousand euros) over several years or ask the interested party to lower, even if only slightly, their demands. In fact, the Ligurian club is not willing to participate in the payment of the salary. However, an agreement between the clubs is always needed: the Romagnoli have offered a onerous loan with the right to redeem, while the Ligurians want to include the obligation to redeem in the event of salvation, with Cesena who has raised the stakes with an obligation only in the event of winning the play-offs. A situation that at the moment is not resolved even if the fate of the former Cittadella seems sealed, who next season will wear the black and white jersey of Cesena.