Scarnecchia: “With a couple of moves in attack, Milan can fight for the Scudetto”

TMW Radio

The former footballer Roberto Scarnecchia he spoke to the microphones of TMW Radioduring the Piazza Affari broadcast, to talk about Milan’s current situation and more.

Milan is thinking about Morata for the attack. What needs to be fixed on the market?
“Milan’s squad is quite complete, it can be improved. The problem in attack is real as in all teams in Europe. About Morata I can say that he is having a great European Championship, but we need to understand how he will interpret the coming year. I would focus on a younger guy, even if Morata is absolutely the right man, but only for a year. In terms of young attackers, there are few around”.

Milan’s defense has conceded 49 goals, which hasn’t happened since 2014-15. Is there room for improvement in defense too?
“When I hear the statistics I smile. There is a grain of truth in these numbers, but what we should do is analyze the actual squad well. Milan’s squad is complete, if no one leaves and two moves are made in attack, in my opinion Milan will be able to compete for the Scudetto.
For the bench Pioli did well, I would have confirmed him for other years. I would try to keep the coaches for as long as possible, like Gasperini”.

On the Roma market?
“I’m very scared for Roma, who are doing little or nothing. In general, I particularly follow the teams I played for, namely Roma, Napoli and Milan, and I have to say that I’m a little worried about the Giallorossi and the Azzurri. If I think about Napoli for example, I’m desperate, I would never have taken Conte. It’s difficult to make a long-term project with him, I would have instead focused on someone with whom you can build”.