Parma, Pederzoli: “I know the rules of the game. Suzuki? World-class goalkeeper”

Speaking on the sidelines of the press conference to present Emanuele Valeri, the sporting director of Parma Mauro Pederzoli he spoke thus of the negotiations of the ducal house, not denying the one for the Japanese Suzuki, indeed confirming the club’s esteem for the goalkeeper: “I know the rules of the game well and I accept them, but I cannot lend myself to the game of names. Suzuki is a world-class goalkeeper in relation to his age. He is extraordinary on a technical level and enjoys great consideration, he is sought after throughout Europe and beyond. It is a name that I am happy to be associated with us. On other names I struggle to express myself, it makes no sense to name names, they are not players even one step away from being ours. Almqvist is also a valuable player, he showed it in Lecce, but there is nothing concrete”.

Will a centre forward arrive?
“I prefer to talk about the department. Fabio has accustomed you to his way of seeing football. We’ve been here for a while now, I think it’s understood that we need to talk about the offensive department, not about a single striker. We’ll intervene, something will be done but it will be a player who is useful to the coach’s way of playing football”.

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