Order: “How do you choose a centre forward? Five profiles lined up in a row at Milan”

Frank Ordera journalist who pays close attention to the events at Milan, has his say in the Corriere dello Sport about the choice of the new Rossoneri number 9: “How do you choose a centre-forward today? Let’s try to guess the main characteristics. First: his coach must like him. Second: he must have a cost compatible with the club’s budget. Third: like all his colleagues, he must have a significant curriculum in terms of goals (consult the Panini almanac to understand and count the goals scored).

At Milan, the first choice was Zirkzee, an absolute novelty for Thiago Motta’s Bologna and for this reason followed by Moncada (scouting the Rossoneri) once, twice, three times until March. Very simple reason: Giroud declared in advance his intention to move himself and his family to the USA. Having discovered the size of the clause (forty million) and the sensational size of the commissions requested (fifteen million), Milan abandoned the track. He did not fit the second parameter.

At that point, on Ibra and Fonseca’s table appeared this piece of paper with five profiles lined up in a row: Morata, Gimenez, Lukaku, Dobvyk, Abraham. As can be understood after further investigation, they are all different from each other in terms of age, technical level, physical characteristics and curriculum. And in this case – that of Milan – it is almost impossible to find the ideal candidate capable of satisfying all the needs described above”.