Morrone: “90% of Italian players in C. But not thanks to the Second Teams”

TMW Radio

During the morning of TMW Radioduring the appointment of the format dedicated entirely to Serie C, All Cintervened the president of Adicosp (and FIDS) Alfonso Morronewho not only spoke about the hot topics of the category, but also ranged over to a more global discussion, starting from federal issues, which obviously cascade onto Lega Pro.

We came out of the European Championship with broken bones. What can we expect on the front of the next elections at the Federation and Lega Pro level?
“In the meantime, this year we already have the Serie A and Serie C calendars, tomorrow we will also have those of Serie B. We must also give credit to Lega Pro that, for next season, only one team has not signed up for the championship, but in this we must also give credit to Gravina, thanks to more stringent laws, and to Marani, who has opened up resources that could not be drawn on before, such as the broadcasting of matches on Sky. These are great successes for the FIGC and for Lega Pro. Gravina now, with responsibility, also because he is at the end of his mandate, has brought forward the elections; we will have to see if the technical components want to ensure whether to continue in the spirit of continuity with Gravina or interrupt this governance. The important thing in any case is that sport is self-regulated”.

But now we need more arguments, because politics could then have some weapons to enter the world of sport.
“I am not the defense attorney of President Gravina, who, like all the other members of the Federal Council, has his responsibilities: but the problems certainly did not arise yesterday. We must change the culture of those of us who work in the sector, because there is a lot of misinformation, we must start talking with full knowledge of the facts. I will give you an example: there is talk of reducing the number of teams, but this does not mean having them all healthy. Instead, let’s think about reinstating Serie C2, because for the clubs the leap between Serie D and professionalism is a burdensome step. For other issues, then, we should also discuss the fact that we managers are 276,000, so we would probably also need someone to represent us. In any case, tomorrow I will be in the Senate to talk about the various reforms of Italian football”.

There is talk of reforms on the U23 Teams, but there is no clear one. If they do not enhance the Italians, do they not risk not being an added value?
“As it is currently structured, I do not agree with the Second Teams in Serie C because football belongs to the fans. Italy is made up of bell towers and I believe that a Recanatese-Vis Pesaro brings more spectators and emotions than a Milan Futuro-Vis Pesaro. Just look at the crowds in recent years for the home games of the U23 teams, semi-deserted stadiums. Football, I repeat, belongs to the fans, if they disappeared tomorrow it would stop. I conclude by reporting a fact: 90% of Italian players play in Lega Pro and certainly this contribution to Italian football has not been given by Juventus Next Gen and Atalanta U23, even if the latter has valued a few more Italian boys”.