Martinez introduces himself: “Inter the best club in Italy. Ready for this great leap in quality”

Josep Martinezgoalkeeper of theInterspoke from the trophy room of the Nerazzurri club to the microphones of Inter TV, describing what he feels at this moment: “I’m really very excited, it’s a source of pride to be in a team like Inter. I can’t wait to get started”.

Why did you choose to be a goalkeeper?
“I started at 5 years old with my dad who was a non-professional goalkeeper, then I went to the team of my city. Until 16-17 years old I was there, then I moved to Barcelona and I did the path you know. I started with my dad”.

How determined are you to follow in the footsteps of Inter goalkeepers of the past?
“I am convinced that I am ready to make that great leap in quality. I know where I am, in the best club in Italy now. My mentality is that I come here to give the best of myself and try to make the history of Inter greater.”

How would you describe yourself as a goalkeeper?
“I was really lucky to have been to the most important schools for goalkeepers: I was in Spain, Germany and now I’m in Italy. Taking a bit from all these schools helped me grow. Playing at Barcelona, ​​Las Palmas and Genoa there was the philosophy of wanting to be protagonists with the ball. This forms your personality and your character. I define myself as brave”.

How is he doing in Serie A?
“I’m very happy here, both in Serie A and in Italy. I like it a lot because it’s a country similar to Spain. I know where I’m coming from, I know that the championship is very, very competitive. If we want to win the Scudetto again, which is the number one objective, we have to maintain last year’s level”.

Do you have a message for your new fans?
“Hello Inter fans, I’m very happy to be here and I can’t wait to wear this shirt. Greetings to everyone.”